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Books and Slides

The books for teaching VMware ICM today are not a traditional ISBN number and cannot be found on sites like Amazon.  The official books are purchased from Glimore Global.  The book set contains both the main book which is a copy of the presentation slides and the lab manual.  Now the book pack is the same material used in the traditional class and was not specifically designed for education so it might not be the best fit for a college classroom.  

There are some 3rd-party books that could be used as well.  One of them is Mastering vSphere series which is a good reference book, however it is not designed as a certification prep book and can be challenging to straight up read.  Another great choice that has more of a certification prep is the VMware Press book VCP5-DVC Prep book.  It is a better book for the certification and a little easier to read in my opinion.  

For teaching the class the slides you need are provided by VMware and can be found at the educational portal once you have access.  As an instructor you are NOT permitted to share them with students, that is why they have the Gilmore books.  Now the Gilmore books can be a little pricey to purchase along with a 3rd party book so some decisions do have to be made.

For myself I prefer to go with the VMware Press book and use other materials for the labs which I talk about later.  While some students would like a copy of the slides I have found over the years it's is a small percentage.