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Certification / Class Setup

One of the key goals of many IT classes is to get certified by that vendor and VMware is no different but they do have a twist.  Unlike many of certification programs VMware is one of the only ones that requires the VMware ICM class in order to take the VMware Certified Professional test.  This requirement helps to ensure that paper and brain dump VCP's are not flooding the market.
This does make the class even more valuable to the up and coming professional.  Once you are in the VMware academy your students will have to setup a class for you school by completing a form within the academy site that will list the start and end dates with the number of students.  Once you have done that VMware academy set's up a empty shell where you have to have your students register for the class so they are added into the VMware LMS portal that can be found at mylearn.vmware.com.  

The registration process for students is not that complex however it still should be done in class because of a time limit.  Once you activate the class the students have a code that is valid for 60 minutes that must be used to sign-up.  While it is possible to regenerate the code doing it once is just easier.

After your students complete the course you will be given a code by VMware / Pearson Vue for use by your students to obtain a 67% discount on taking the VCP test, it brings the cost down from $225 to $69 so it's a good deal.  Now one additional thing it also allows you to do is get a discount on the new VMware Certified Associate exams.  While the VCA is not as valued as the VCP it is still a nice certification for those who want to show experience with VMware but not go through the entire VCP exam.  I have had dozens of students pass the VCA but only a handful pass the VCP because as compared to a Microsoft or Cisco exam at a 8 or 9 the VMware VCP is normally tagged as a 11 out of 10 on difficulty.

The VCA tests are $120 normally so it brings them down to $40's.  The training for the VCA is all online but you still have to register for it.  Also unlike the VCP the VCA exams are done online and not in person but they are still through Pearson Vue.  More information can be found here...