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Getting Started

To start teaching VMware a few steps need to be done before you can simply hop right in.  The VMware Install, Configure and Manage is the primary class for most instructors and students.  It is one of the entry classes from VMware and is one of the most popular.  Now to be blunt the VMware ICM class is not designed to be an entry class for IT students.  In fact at Milwaukee Area Technical College it is a advanced class and the students are not allowed to take it unless they are in the fourth semester.

The VMware ICM class is identical to the professional class and much like that class even in a college setting this class is not recommended for beginners.  Teaching VMware at your local college is done in partnership with the VMware Academy and while membership is required to teach VMware it is open to most 2 and 4 year schools.  More details can be found at the main education page here.

The academy has several rules much like other vendor programs however two key things must be mentioned.  Schools are not allowed to teach more than 12 hours of instruction per class per week.  This is done to support the second where schools are NOT allowed to offer or compete with the traditional week long training programs.  
VMware education takes this very serious and a violation of the number or hours or competing with the traditional offerings can result in being removed from the program. 

Recently VMware did drop the requirement to be VMware certified before you could reach the class.  However it is strongly recommended by them and I would agree with that.  VMware technology is something that is not based on traditional IT experience and often times first time instructors can find themselves overwhelmed because of the complexity of the technology.

VMware does offer several videos at www.vmwarelearning.com that can help new people to VMware understand the technology.  So once you get registered with academy your school will start to see some of the program features such as certification discounts for your students.