Welcome to the secret home of the X-Admins...

Welcome to the home of X-Admins, IT Admins with mutant powers used to fight the terror of IT management

The X-Admins are currently recruiting IT Admin mutants to help fight the Management  and Executive Sentinels.  Do you have a secret power?  Can you avoid change control forms and light speed or have the ability to be the first person at happy hour on a Friday with the use of teleportation or a fast car?  Can you see through vendor slideware or have precognition of left over break-room food?  If so you could be one of the X-Admins

In the beginning data centers and server rooms were isolated area where administrators spent little time working on the equipment preferring the comfort of lavish offices.  As management begin to need more and more from the administrator frustrations grew.  Budgets & time frames were cut and the lavish office became the cubical where the administrator could no longer hide from the continual barrage from both end users and management.


Forced into a corner the administrator looked for the only possible sanctuary - the data center.  This provided the perfect escape as it was isolated and normally locked.  The administrator had finally found peace…except they knew nothing of the data leakage.


For years improper network cable shielding allows the bits and bytes to leak from cables and network switches.  As the bandwidth increase from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps and higher the effects got worse.  The once normal administrator had mutated into something more, no longer just a admin they are now a X-Admin.  Gifted or cursed with IT powers these brave men and women continue the fight against the tyranny of the management executives who helped to create them...

Thank you for joining the fight!!
Professor V & Vogue